About Us

Aero-Ship Logistics (ASL) Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a logistics based co. offering complete logistics solutions to & from Nepal with thorough knowledge about North America, Europe & Asia. Our specialization is in all shipping terms in all windows (Air, Sea and Land freight Import/Exports) to our existing customer and current local/overseas corresponding agent/client.

We are a proficiently organized and managed group having strong collaboration with reputed carriers/airlines. We are glad to share that we offer one of the best competitive rate and quality service in the industry. Besides, our dedicated professional team is always ready to accompany you in every step of the way: from packing, booking, through storage, shipment and land transport up to the arrival of your cargo at its destination. We strive to establish ourselves as a ‘One Stop Logistics Solution’ offering a vast range of services and shipping solutions for both export and import, all in one place!

We realize the importance of developing and facilitating procedures and policies that shall help us and our partners to grow in the supply chain business. We believe in the policy of transparency and work relationship based on trust, understand and mutual-benefits. That’s why; our established service infrastructure is tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements.

We treat our clients as partners/stakeholders and strongly believe in growing together. Should you have any queries regarding any kind of possible collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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